Beef Tongue

Beef Tongue

Grass-Fed Beef Tongue (AKA Lengua) Typically around 1.75 lbs.
$8.00/lb. Avg. 1.75 lb.
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There are two categories of people:  those who can't understand why anyone would want to try beef tongue, and those who have tried it and can't understand why anyone wouldn't search out this awesome cut wherever available.  Those in the first category imagine beef tongue to be chewy, fatty, and tough, but others know it's an outrageously good cut of meat — melt-in-your-mouth tender from slow braising, and flavorful because this muscle gets a lot of exercise.  (Our 100% grass-fed cattle spend several hours each day using their tongues to grab mouthfuls of forage!)  

Want an easy and great-tasting introduction to beef tongue?  Try Beef Tacos de Lengau.  Slow-cook the whole muscle with onions and spices until tender.  At that point, the skin will peel off easily (as pulling the skin off a chicken) and you'll be left with a muscle roughly the size and shape of a beef tenderloin. (Yeah, that's right:  the same tenderloin that produces filet mignon, the most expensive, tender, and delicate of all beef cuts.)  Slice this muscle thinly and crisp it up by sautéing in hot oil or lard.  Dice, use as taco filling, and proudly take your place in that second category of people!


100% Grass-finished beef. nothing else.