Lean Ground Beef

Lean Ground Beef

90% Lean Ground Beef (AKA Ground Sirloin , Lean Minced Beef) in 1-lb bulk packs
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If you are looking for a lean ground beef, this is it.  

Approximately 90% lean, it's an ideal ingredient for flavorful recipes calling for ground beef.  We prefer a higher percentage of fat for hamburgers, because they are juicier and more flavorful, but if you need a lower-fat alternative, our lean ground beef makes acceptable hamburger steaks or hamburger patties.  The lower fat content is actually preferable as an ingredient in some recipes, when other seasoning and ingredients need to be center stage.  

However you use it, since it is 100% grass-fed, you can be assured it is rich in flavor and healthier than industrially-produced alternatives.  


100% grass-fed beef finished on clean, bio-diverse pastures.